Welcome to Yirrkala School


Yirrkala School (also referred to as Yirrkala CEC) is located in North East Arnhem Land, in the community of Yirrkala. The school caters for students from Preschool to Year 12 and has an enrolment of approximately 200 students. While the majority of students come from Yirrkala itself, children from Gunyangara, Galupa and Birritjimi also travel by bus each day to attend Yirrkala School. The students speak Yolngu Dharuk, which encompasses several dialects spoken in north east Arnhem Land. Yirrkala School teaches in both Yolngu Dharuk and English - building on the student's first language and developing English as a second language. The school has a long history of Yolngu teachers and assistant teachers working alongside Ngapaki (non-indigenous) teachers to deliver a high quality "both ways" education which values the student's language and cultural background while simultaneosly building profiency in English, maths and other learning areas.