About our School and Community
Tipperary Station School is a small remote primary school situated on the picturesque Tipperary Cattle Station some 29 km off the Daly River Road and 190 km from Darwin. The natural environment is tropical woodland and savannah. Tipperary Station is 2000 square kilometres with extensive frontage to the Daly River.

The station is quite diverse and is involved in the production of cattle as well as mangoes and in 2015 had their first poppy harvest. Being on Tipperary Station our School has access to an abundance of remarkable tropical vegetation and fabulous sports facilities such as a swimming pool, indoor and outdoor tennis courts and a basketball court.
We have two classrooms and a very large gym. All students attending the school live on the station and at present all year levels are taught in the one classroom.
At Tipperary Station School we have a keen interest in sport and culture. We regularly socialise with our neighbouring schools and attend school sports and cultural events with the students from Douglas Daly, Woolianna, Adelaide River and Woolaning Schools. In 2015 Tipperary Station School hosted a Musica Viva live concert and had a Senegalese Band perform on Tipperary Station which four schools attended. Each term we hold regular learn to swim workshops on Tipperary Station and in 2015 we initiated our school swimming club, ‘The Sawfish,’ and already have over 50 members from the station and surrounding schools. At the school we are also keen recyclers and in 2015 began a recycling project on the station by cashing in containers. The monies we raised helped us to fund the activities the school hosts and school excursions. Each year the Tipperary kids enter the Adelaide River Show and this year we won prizes in every category and most excitingly we won the best pavilion exhibit with our class project which was made using entirely recycled materials. We also run a kitchen and garden program which is a hit with the station residents. The scrumptious meals we cook in our Stephanie Alexander kitchen project are made from the produce in our fabulous school garden which the kids look after. Please see our activities page for more information.
The Daly River district is one of the major tourist destinations within the Northern Territory and we are lucky enough to have the Daly River running through the property. This pristine river is home to both freshwater and saltwater crocodiles, barramundi, sharks and of course the critically endangered Largetooth Sawfish.
School Times:
Session #1:   8:30 – 10:40        (2hrs 10mins)
Session #2:   11:00 – 1:00        (2hrs)
Session #3:   1:30  – 2.40         (1hr 10mins)
= 5 hours 20 mins/day

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Tipperary Station Runway - 2.2km long

Local Cattle

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Tipperary Station School's Playground

Dirt Road into Tipperary Station

Tipperary Station Facilities: The spacious building is of brick, and is air-conditioned.

It is has access to the adjacent 25m pool, under-cover sports area and tennis courts.

The playground equipment is installed near trees in the vast grassed area.

History: Tipperary Station School has been operating on Tipperary Station since 1977.

Ariel view of Complex.JPG
Location Map: Aerial View of Tipperary Station