Welcome to Woodroffe Primary School

Woodroffe Primary School opened in 1995. We have built a very solid reputation in Palmerston and Darwin regions as a school which is focused to achieve high standards.

Our expectations are based on a strong commitment by all, to maintain and enhance our school’s vision and values.


High expectations: To foster personal responsibility and continually improve to achieve our best.
Respect: To promote respect through inclusion by valuing diversity.
Safety: To create a positive, nurturing learning environment that develops resilience and a sense of belonging.
Citizenship: To develop the skills and knowledge to become responsible global citizens.


Our school environment reflects our vision and values. The physical grounds are very well maintained. Our school has excellent facilities. All our staff are focused upon improved student learning. Our classroom teachers collaboratively plan, quality teaching and learning programs that are referenced to the Australian Curriculum (English and Maths) and the Northern Territory Curriculum Framework. The Preschool and Transition programs reflect the Australian Early Years Learning Framework.

The school community is proud of our school and we welcome new students and families to join us.

Yours sincerely,

Miranda Watt