Pirlangimpi is on the larger of the two Tiwi Islands, Melville Island, and is approximately 80km (via air) north of Darwin. The community lies along the western coastline of the island, in the Apsley Strait, between Bathurst and Melville Islands and has a population of about 300 people. While Pirlangimpi is in close proximity to Darwin by air, Pularumpi School is classified as very remote.​


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The students can enrol from Preschool to Year 8. At Year 6 or 7 many of the students leave to attend boarding colleges in Darwin, such as St Johns and Kormilda. Some of the students choose to go to the local boarding school, Tiwi College. Pularumpi School used to be a Catholic Orphanage and then a Catholic school in the 1970s and was then handed back to the NT Government. ​
The school has four key values that underpin the philosophy of the school – respect (for self, community and property); belonging; safety; and to "have a go". These are used daily and students are reminded at appropriate times in matters related to behaviours and expectations of these values. Attendance is high at Pularumpi and is improving. Children come to school knowing that they are safe and unlikely to be teased or bullied or experience violence. ​
Educational Programs and links to Community
Through all programs offered at the school, there is a strong recognition of the inclusion of Tiwi culture and the community. Families are consulted about school matters, involved in school activities and outcomes are shared with the community. Children and families are proud to be Tiwi and this is built into all aspects of school programming. Fridays are spent on a cultural program for the students in Year 3 and up. This is to create opportunities for developing strong culture that is valued by the school and community. Elders from the community take this part of the school program. The program promotes the students developing a strong Tiwi identity and having high self esteem. The program is supported by the Tiwi Land Council.  The school uses a community notice board to let community know what is happening at the school. The noticeboards are in the local store and students create displays of their work so that their families and community can see what the children are doing and how well they are going with their work. Further, weekly school assemblies showcase each class. Invitations to attend are extended to the whole community.
Daily Routine
The school is highly structured and sees this as important. Each day commences with the STRAW (Start with Talking, Reading And Writing) program at 8am. This goes for thirty minutes and then there is a scaffolded literacy block. The school uses the Accelerated Literacy program and all members of staff – including tutors, assistant teachers and teachers – have been trained in it. For numeracy, the school uses the Count Me in Too Program.On Thursday afternoon the school operates activity groups. Students can select from a range of activities that build on the strengths and interests of the teachers. This year these have included guitar, cooking, singing, dance and film making.The Linking Latitudes program is an online collaborative project with a sister school in Tasmania. The children share their work, create blogs and have Skype sessions with their counterparts in Tasmania. This is a weekly event and helps to build the children’s language skills.