Turtle Dreaming Festival
For the past four years, the school has hosted the Turtle
Dreaming Festival which integrates Tiwi culture with the
key areas of learning – literacy, numeracy, science, visual
arts and music. Turtle Dreaming is aimed at involving
families, students and community in the school and is
based around cultural activities. It seeks to build bridges
between cultural knowledge and school knowledge.
The festival is held over one week and aims to include all
adults in the community. Parents are strongly involved in
the planning of the festival and the carriage of activities.
The students create a movie to show what they have
been doing at school. It includes songs, dance and
music. This movie is shown at the finale of the festival to
celebrate the successes and activities of the students and
the school. It gives children a sense of pride about their
The Turtle Dreaming Festival adopts a both ways strong
approach so that culture and school are built into the
one program. It celebrates aspects of traditional culture
including dance, murals, art, camps. By using culture as
the basis for the festival, it shows the community how to
successfully link education and culture. The support from
the community is very high.