The Northern Territory Curriculum Framework (NTCF), provided by the Department of Education and Training (DET), identifies learning outcomes for all Northern Territory students from Transition to Year 10. From 2012 all schools in the NT will begin transitioning to the Australian Curriculum (AC). Our teaching staff will be supported in the transition process with specific professional learning opportunities. 
The teaching and learning of particular learning areas in our schools are supported by targeted intervention programs and several specialist teaching positions. 

Programs used to achieve the outcomes include:

  • Accelerated Literacy
  • Count Me in Too Number, Measurement and Space & Geometry
  • Primary Connections Science

English as an Additional Language/Dialect (EAL/D)

EAL/D learners are everyone’s business. The teaching, assessing and reporting of EAL/D learner progress is the responsibility of class teachers.
Students’ ESL levels are catered for through differentiated teaching as students engage with year-level content, provided by the NTCF and new AC.
Teachers of EAL/D students:
  • establish ESL levels as learning targets for EAL/D students, along with Learning Area targets
  • plan and teach at year/age level appropriateness.
Special Education
For those children with identified special needs, TEGS has an Education Support Teacher.  Their role includes liasing with DET Student Services and provision of support to the classroom teacher,
through individual assessment and programs.

For several years now, we have enjoyed a partnership with The Australian Children's Music Foundation (ACMF).  

This provides the opportunity for professional musicians to make return visits to a

number of our schools  and deliver a music program to our students which involved them in writing, singing, playing, recording and presenting their own songs.  
 The annual TEGS Adelaide River Festival has become a showcase event for our students to perform music together with the help of the talented ACMF teachers.  We are also fortunate to have musical talent within our own TEGS teaching team and for the last few years the small schools located within reasonable driving distance of Adelaide River have come together fortnightly for choir practice.  On alternate years they participate in the NT School of Music BEAT performance.   



TEGS encourages teachers and students to participate in the NT School Sport Program.  We regularly enter combined small school teams in AFL, Girls and Boys Soccer and Netball.  Our Primary Years students also have the opportunity to compete in an athletics carnival at the annual TEGS Adelaide River Festival.  Our schools can also engage the services of the NT DET School Sport Coordinator who will visit to provide equipment and sport skills training.


Festivals and Camps

A number of our schools conduct their own camps program, sometimes in collaboration with others in the Group School.  As well, TEGS hosts a number of events where our students can come together to make friends and build relationships.  The annual Adelaide River Festival is for Primary Years students.  There is also an annual Middle Years camp and a camp for Early Years students held bi-annually at Tipperary School.