TEGS policies are developed through wide-spread consultation with TEGS staff. Each year the Leadership Team produces a Strategic Plan that underpins and determines the school's direction for the following year. Working Parties are set up to do the business of TEGS. For example the Science Working Party developed a policy to implement literacy through science and so adopted the Primary Connections Program. After a successful pilot was conducted, funding was prioritised to establish a bank of resource kits that schools can borrow to support the topic as required. They also drafted a Science Policy that was distributed to schools and later ratified at another Leadership Team Meeting.

Once agreed to by Leadership Team the policy underpins the ways schools and learning/teaching programs operate in TEGS. It is this unified approach that strengthens TEGS as there is more alignment in resourcing and provision of professional development offered to staff. It also means that expectations of staff are clear and unambiguous.
TEGS policies are dynamic and will be reviewed on an on-going basis.

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TEGS Strat Plan 2009-12 short version.pdfTEGS Strat Plan 2009-12 short version.pdf


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