TEGS exists to enable its students to leave school with the knowledge, abilities and attitudes needed to be active participants in their own and the wider community. They will be equipped with both resilience and life–proofing skills.
TEGS staff will be part of a strong, collaborative and professional network. The TEGS Leadership Team will support and lead these people building effective communication, a strong sense of identity and healthy professional relationships. The TEGS Leadership Team will comprise people with stamina, patience, flexibility, empathy, wisdom and knowledge. They will take a holistic approach in developing inner strength, dynamism, enthusiasm and excitement.
Member schools will be strengthened by this solidarity. In this cohesive, dynamic learning community, dedicated, quality staff will be attracted, valued and retained.
This will be achieved by:
·         targeting resources to meet needs
·         constantly seeking better ways to enhance student learning
·         developing the appropriate skills of all staff
·         developing the leadership skills of all staff
·         continuing to ‘grow’ the connected, collaborative and supportive ethos within TEGS
·         developing supportive procedures, clearly defined roles and responsibilities.
In conclusion, life in TEGS will be a happy, challenging and rewarding experience.
What is the future for TEGS?

In terms of the advantages of small schools coming together for support and achieving our goals, the sky is the limit.The 5 Group Schools have almost a third of DET Indigenous students enrolled. If we work together we can achieve great things.

We had a dream…

This was the dream in 2003, that one day there will be a waiting list of teachers wanting to get into a TEGS school because they see it as a vibrant, supportive place where:
·         all staff and parents work together to improve the educational outcomes for our students. T
·         the turnover in TEGS schools will be so low, that the ‘probation panel’ will be an endangered species.

We still have a dream…

Now, much of the 2003 dream has been realised with a high quality staff in place and a teacher retention rate within TEGS this year of 81%. The average length of sf stay for teachers working in TEGS is 4.4 years. The average time Teaching principals stay in TEGS schools is 4.1 yrs. So, now we are focusing on moving from being a good school to a great school by:
·         consolidating and growing further the gains made in attendance
·         continuing to share what works to improve students' English literacy and numeracy outcomes
·         getting the right people in the right places
·         keeping our quality staff happy so our extraordinary students are happy. Happy kids = learning kids.

We have a dream!

Leonie Jones
TEGS Principal