What is the Top End Group School?
TEGS is a multi-campus school comprising more than 550 students and 110 staff. It is located in 13 small communities in the Top End of the Northern Territory. The school’s Front Office is located in Darwin and we use a number of communication methods including face to face meetings, site visits, email & video conferenceing and extensive use of our TEGS Portal.
Who makes up TEGS
Our students and staff are culturally diverse with 83% of students being Indigenous (most are speakers of languages other than English) and the other 17% mainly being speakers of English as their first language.

Where are TEGS schools located?

Seven schools are on Aboriginal land, three of these on islands and another adjoins a National Park. Two others are based at Agricultural Research Stations and one is on an extensive cattle station. One is in a small town on the Stuart Highway while two service rural block owners. Use the Aussie Map link to see for yourself. While they may appear isolated, being connected as a Group School means added opportunities to participate in intraschool and interschool sporting events, camps and an annual festival.

What staff are at TEGS schools?

As well as teachers, assistant teachers and general support staff, each school has a Teaching-Principal who is the local educational leader. The 13 Teaching Principals are part of the TEGS Leadership Team. The Leadership Team also includes the Principal, Assistant Principal and Resource staff, for example the ESL Coordinator, who operate from the front office.

What does the TEGS Leadership Team do:
  • develop policy
  • determine directions and priorities using advice from school staff and community members, data such as NAPLAN results and attendance rates
  • align grant monies to those priorities
  • remain informed of NTDET directions
  • support and encourages each other
  • grow their leadership knowledge and skills.
What are the current TEGS projects?
The TEGS Leadership Team agreed on the following projects for 2012:
  • Use available data (e.g. NAPLAN , Ce-Tool) to develop strategies at whole school & classroom levels.
  • Transition to the new Australian Curriculum
  • Continue ‘Everyday-All Day’ Attendance Program
  • Maintain focus on professional learning (PL) through a range of targeted PL opportunities such as Accelerated Literacy and Count Me In Too
  • Implementation of the 'Keeping Safe Curriculum' and a Sex Education program in Middle School with support of School Councellor