RTO2378 Nhulunbuy High School

Staff Recruitment, Induction and Ongoing Development
11 February 2014
February 2015
VET Management Committee
14(A) Selection/ Recruitment
Once a vacancy has been confirmed the following procedure will apply
• Vacancy externally and internally advertised
• Formation of selection panel to include CEO or delegate and VET Coordinator, as well as other relevant personnel. Panel composition in accordance with public sector policy.
• Short listed applicants notified and recommended for interview. Unsuccessful applicants notified by mail
• Interview process conducted. Successful applicant notified and recommended for position. Unsuccessful applicants notified by phone and mail.
The CEO will be responsible for the selection and recruitment of RTO staff.
14(B) Induction
All new RTO staff complete staff induction process and sign off induction checklist. Nhulunbuy High School Occupational Health and Safety induction. Compulsory mandatory reporting with school councillor.
For significant staff and contact changes DET notification required, form 6 http://www.det.nt.gov.au/rto/forms
The staff induction process will include information, where relevant on:
• Training Packages
• Competency based training and assessment
• VET requirements and policies and procedures
• Requirements for apprenticeships and traineeships
• Staff responsibilities for access and equity
All staff to receive training on AQTF responsibilities
All information on these areas can be found in the VET Staff Handbook. It is the responsibility of the VET Coordinator to ensure that the staff induction policy is carried out.
14(C) Professional Development
All RTO VET staff members have access to professional development opportunities. Internal professional development is undertaken by all staff quarterly on specific planned professional development days. External professional development will be dependent on available financial resources and relieve staff.
Professional development requirements will be identified during performance enhancement interviews. A professional development plan should then be written. Whenever Training Package/accredited course is reviewed, staff qualifications will be checked to ensure that they are still appropriate. The professional development plan for trainers and assessors should provide opportunities for staff to maintain the currency of their skills and knowledge.
Other professional development opportunities will also be identified at the fortnightly VET meetings.
All professional development is recorded on the central data base by the Business Manager. This is Australian Government mandated as per the legislation on “Training by Employers’.
Review of staff qualifications will take place when the RTO completes its internal audit and performance enhancement processes.