RTO2378 Nhulunbuy High School

Records Management
VET Management Committee
11 February 2014
February 2015
VET Management Committee
The RTO must document and implement procedures to ensure the integrity, accuracy and currency of records that include, but are not limited to:
11(A) Archiving
Policy for retention and archiving of VET client results as per AQTF archiving requirements NHS has a policy that requires the archiving of student results/information for a period of thirty (30) years.
1. All records archived are entered into the NHS archive database stored in the “O” drive. Stating box number, content and location.
2. Files archived to the database are kept in the school until disposal as per NT government Archive’s disposal schedule and as per DOE schools management policy CM4.2.1 (Held in Business Managers Office).
3. VET student files are not archived until they are no longer a student of Nhulunbuy High School.
4. A minimum of two years of administration records are held in the VET office, anything before that is archived within Nhulunbuy High School storage areas until disposal.
It is the responsibility of the VET administration to ensure that the archiving of records are dealt with according to Nhulunbuy High School procedure.
11(B) Electronic Data backup
It is the policy of NHS that all system data is backed up at the end of every trading day.
1. All Nhulunbuy High School data is backed up onto tape by IT Services in Darwin at the end of every business day.
2. Back up information is stored by IT Services in Darwin and files can be retrieved on request from Nhulunbuy High School.
3. Previous years records copied and stored on DVD in fireproof safe in the Administration Block.
4. VET folder stored on the RTO server and is backed up onto external hard drive every day or more frequently on a needs basis (responsibility of the IT Support Officer).
5 . The DVD media of all VET results will be stored in the school safe located in the Administration front office. All VET results are also to be sent to SAM’s system NT Education – Certification Branch.
6. All RTO data is manually backed up onto DVD at the end of each term.
11(C) Retrieval client information or reissue of a qualification or statement of attainment
It is the policy of NHS that client information or reissue of qualifications or statements of attainment can be retrieved through the archiving data base stored in the “O” drive.
1. All requests for information must be made in writing as per DET school management policy CM4.2.1.
2. The data can be retrieved on a needs basis.
3. Should any significant changes be made to the format of the data stored and or the applications required for the retrieval of the said data – the data would be re-archived in the appropriate manner.
4. Client/Student has access to their own personal records only through Principal (CEO)/Assistant Principal Senior School/VET Coordinator.
5. The RTO will not disclose any client/student information to a third party without the written consent of the client/student.
It is the responsibility of the VET administration to assist the Principal (CEO), Assistant Principal Senior School and VET Coordinator for retrieval of client information or reissue of qualifications
All records Student and administration are safeguarded by security alarms and a fire alarm system automatically linked to the fire station.
• Filing cabinets are locked after hours, access is given to appropriate staff only.
• VET office is key locked at the end of the school day.
• All buildings are key locked at the end of each school day.
• All buildings are secured by an alarm system within each classroom by the school maintenance officer during his evening security round.
Security of Student and administration records is the responsibility of the Business Manager with the assistance of the VET Administration.
The RTO will comply with the external reporting requirements of Department of Education (DOE) with regards to the integrity, accuracy and currency of records in relation to AVETMISS (Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standards).
• Read CURRENT YEAR Resource Agreement; (VET files)
• Comply with Reporting Timetable (VET files)
• Current process for reporting AVETMISS
• Instructors/trainers provide course modules/achievements to SAMS operator
• SAMS operator inputs data (via SAMS system) to Assessment and Certification branch
• Certification branch sends this information to RTO
SAMs operator exports NAT files to AVETMISS
• SAMs operator inputs data in required format onto AVETMISS computer program
• SAMs operator validates the accuracy of the information sent from Certification branch
AVETMISS errors to be fixed by SAMs operator
• SAMs operator sends validated AVETMISS data to Department of Education (DOE )
• VET Coordinator to check if this process is still currently the system being used at the beginning of each school year
The VET Coordinator is responsible to ensure the AVETMISS data is reported to the Northern Territory Employment & Training Authority
11(F) Certification
Certification is completed twice per year and will cover both completed certificates and statements of attainment for completed modules/competencies.
Production of Certificates. (Refer to DOE Manual of Procedures) - Certificate and statements of attainment must contain all the elements set out in the Australian Qualifications Framework
•Ensure approval to use logos
• Develop a numbering system for the certificates
• Order certificates
• Final student’s results to VET Coordinator no later than Week 8 term 4
• Certificate details completed by VET Coordinator with assistance from VET administration assistance
• To Principal for signature and seal
• Copies on Student files and RTO server
• Complete register of certificates issued
• Distribute certificates
It is the responsibility of the VET Coordinator to ensure that clients are issued with Certificates and Statements of attainment in accordance with the AQTF standards.
· Procedure - Issuance of Certificates and Statement of Attainments
· Relevant national code to be kept on the RTO server, password protected.
· Nhulunbuy High School VET Centre undertakes to issue and record qualifications using the following timeline and standards.
FEBRUARY - Competencies for all packages with their relevant national code to be kept on RTO server for use with the printing of certificates.
AUGUST- midyear completions to be submitted to VET administration for issuing of Certificates and Statements of Attainment.
NOVEMBER- By last week of November a list of students with the competencies achieved should be submitted to VET administration by VET training staff.
DECEMBER- Certificates with student details to be printed up and ready for mail out.
Copies of all certificates and statement of attainment to be kept on file on the RTO intranet and on student file in VET office
11(G)Version Control
It is the policy of Nhulunbuy High School VET program to maintain version control of currency of its training packages, tools for learning and assessment and all relevant documentation within the RTO, version control is an ongoing agenda item on the VET management committee meetings.
The VET Coordinator will ensure that the version control log records:
• Document name
• Person responsible
• Version number
• Date reviewed
• Next review date
1. Check currency of training package with relevant TAC
2. Check Web site – NTIS or resource generator
3. Contact DET to establish currency of training package
4. Complete Annual Documentation of VET Courses and date
5. Enter into version control log at first VET meeting opportunity
6. Only current version documentation must remain on the premises all outdated version must be collected and destroyed.
7. The date of disposal will then be entered onto the version control log.