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Recognition of Prior Learning
11 February 2014
February 2015
VET Management Committee
Assessment for RPL is offered to clients who may have previous qualifications, experience or skill relevant to a course of study. It is the responsibility of the VET/NTCET Coordinator to ensure that RPL is offered on enrolment.
Where clients have already attained a level of achievement at least equivalent to that required for successful completion of one or more modules of a course, they may apply through the RPL process, to not study the module(s). If successful they will be declared ‘competent’ in that module.
The following outlines the process in and RPL application:
An RPL assessment panel will be established, composing of the following:
• A recognised RPL assessor as chairperson
• One or more clients who are specialists in the area in which RPL is being sought
• Another person who is aware of RPL procedures and who is able to act as advocate for the applicant
• The panel will have the option of co-opting other relevant persons (e.g. from industry if required).
• The panel is to establish and maintain clear criteria (e.g. as given as assessment criteria in course documents) to use when deciding whether or not to grant recognition, and to conform to the minimum requirements as set out in the nationally agreed principles for RPL.
• Prior to, or following enrolment, client shall have an opportunity to make verbal enquiries to the senior teacher at NHS regarding RPL for the course/modules in which they are enrolled or intend to enrol.
Clients may apply for RPL for an entire course of study or on a module by module basis.
Upon receipt of an application for assessment of RPL, the assistant principal shall arrange for the convening of a meeting of the RPL assessment panel. The allocated assessment panel shall undertake assessment against the defined assessment criteria. The purpose of the assessment is to obtain sufficient information on which to make a decision and it shall consist of a discussion of the information and supporting evidence provided on the application form. Careful questioning aims at gaining all the relevant information.
Where appropriate, further assessment may be required in the form of:
· A practical demonstration
· Oral testing
· Written testing
· A group exercise
· Further documentation.
Only one of two decisions is available to the allocated assessment panel:
• If the panel recommends recognition be granted, a principal shall formally notify the applicant of approval
• If the panel recommends recognition not be granted, a principal shall formally advise the applicant accordingly in writing, giving the reason(s) why recognition is not appropriate and choices are available to the applicant, namely: a lodging of appeal with the principal, or standard entry into the course (without RPL)