RTO2378 Nhulunbuy High School

Financial Management
-Including Reimbursement fees, Refund Policies and Systems to Protect Contributions Paid in Advance
Business Manager
11 February 2014
February 2015
VET Management Committee
The Business Manager has responsibility and authority to:
• Ensure that the RTO complies with the DOE Financial Management policies and Nhulunbuy High School Council policies.
• Monitor and report on compliance with financial management policies and procedures for review and as a basis for improvement.
• When requested provide DOE and any other funding bodies formal assurance of sound financial management.
• Nhulunbuy High School full financial audit is conducted by suitably qualified accountants (currently WD Hall & Associates) on a calendar year basis and must be completed by the first School Council meeting of the year (generally mid-February). The full Audit is presented as an attachment to the NHS Annual Report and forwarded to DOE by the 31 March of any given year.
8(B) VET resource/course material Reimbursement Contributions
• VET reimbursement contributions will be reviewed annually by the VET management committee and the School Council; this is carried out prior to the last meeting in Term 4 (generally mid-November).
• All Reimbursement contributions are advised to parents in the last School Newsletter of the current year, again in the first School Newsletter of the next year and in the senior student handbooks.
• Reimbursement contributions are currently set at
- $600 per year for Hospitality and Engineering;
- $400 per year for Business and Information Technology.
Parents are sent initial information and subsequent contribution letter notifications with payment options of term, semester or year.
• Reimbursement contributions must be paid within 3 weeks after the commencement of the course in Semester 1 and Semester 2.
• Students who withdraw from the course within the first 4 weeks will receive a 50% refund.
· Students with outstanding fees can be removed from the course completely or until payment arrangements are formalised.
· Failure to make reimbursement of a VET course will result in the trainee being unable to continue the course.
All Reimbursement VET contributions collected will go into the school VET allocation under the relevant course indicated by ‘jobs’ in the school official account MYOB.
• Reimbursement contributions will be entered into the Student contribution database by the Receptionist on a daily basis.
• Monthly reconciliation in MYOB, completed by Nhulunbuy High School Business Manager
• Bank VET reimbursement contributions NHS normal business bank account
Refund Policy
Should refund be required this will be deducted from NHS bank account and a notation made in the Student Contribution database. A copy will be placed on relevant Student file.
Refund to be authorised by CEO/VET Coordinator
Business Manager to implement issuance of refund and record in NHS account on instructions by CEO/VET Coordinator.
Reimbursement Contributions Paid in advance
VET reimbursement contributions paid in advance are recorded either via the Kalamazoo receipting process or via EFTPOS (whichever the case may be).
This information is then entered onto the NHS Student contributions database (in ‘0’ Secretariat) with all details pertinent to the transaction entered by the Receptionist on a daily basis.
The NHS/Contribution database allows the entry of the following information in separate ‘data fields’.
• Date received
• Receipt No/EFTPOS
• Received from
• Student First Name
• Student Last Name
• Year level
• Course (these are broken down to include but not restricted to VET Engineering, VET Business etc)
• Amount
• Additional Information
All ‘data fields’ as indicated above, can be searched with the ability for any relevant student, course entry reports or single student information being retrieved.
An example of student information and reports are available from the database.
Reissuance of qualifications
There is a charge of $20 for Nhulunbuy High School RTO2378 to issue a copy of a statement of attainment or qualification.