RTO2378 Nhulunbuy High School

Continuous Improvement
VET Coordinator
11 February 2014
February 2015
VET Management Committee
The RTO must carry out continuous improvement procedures as part of their day to day operations; this includes the review of qualifications, resources and staff facilities prior to the commencement of activities each year.
The RTO must collect and analyse stakeholder and client feedback and satisfaction data on the services it provides as the basis for improvement. The RTO must use the information gathered to review its policies and procedures.
The RTO must report to the relevant regulatory body in a reasonable timeframe any changes to key staff and operations all forms can be found at www.det.nt.gov.au/rto/forms
The RTO must ensure that it cooperates with its registering body, in the conduct of audits, performance reporting, record keeping and financial viability
Procedure for continuous improvement:
· All policies, procedures, training packages, resources, facilities, counselling process and handbooks to be reviewed and validated by industry annually
· Continuous self-audit procedure to be documented in VET management minutes (standing agenda item)
Prior to delivery:
· ALL courses on scope of registration checked for upgrades and changes
· ALL logbooks to reflect changes
· ALL assessment activities to reflect changes, including learning and assessment strategies, course notes and student handouts
· Trainer’s qualifications to be assessed on changes
Delivery and assessment activities to reflect the individual needs of the client
The Nhulunbuy High School website to be checked for currency of RTO information
Client evaluations to be carried out end of each semester
Employer evaluations to be carried out the end of each work placement
Evaluations reported to VET Management Committee first meeting of each year
Feedback to clients ongoing throughout the year as part of the assessment and reporting process
Performance management and competence of staff ongoing throughout the year
· Any amendments to existing systems to be agreed with CEO and VET Management Committee.
· All amendments to be date recorded in version control log in VET Management Committee minutes.
· Master copies to be kept updated in VET intranet files.
· Opportunity for continuous improvement to be documented through VET Management Committee meetings.
· All staff may make recommendations through the VET Management Committee.
· Prior to annual preparation of Senior Handbook all VET offerings will be reviewed and community VET priorities will be canvassed.
Transition of training packages
It is up to the RTO to monitor currency of training packages, this is carried out in December & January during school holidays to ensure all training materials and resources are the latest version prior to training commencing at the beginning of each year, students have 12 months after training package or course accreditation expires to complete their qualification. It is the policy of Nhulunbuy High School RTO2378 to discuss transition arrangements with students to ensure they are not disadvantaged in anyway, students are encouraged if possible to transfer to the new qualification to ensure industry currency.