RTO2378 Nhulunbuy High School

Client Selection, Enrolment, Induction and Orientation
VET Coordinator
12 February 2014
February 2015
VET Management Committee
Client access and equity information must include:
Client selection, enrolment, induction and orientation procedures
Course information, including content and vocational outcomes
Reimbursement contributions, including refund policy and exemptions (where applicable)
Provisions for language, literacy and numeracy assistance
Client support, including any external support the RTO has arranged for clients
Flexible learning and assessment procedures
Welfare and guidance services
Appeals and complaints procedures
Disciplinary procedures
Staff responsibilities for access and equity
RPL arrangements and credit transfer
• Clients made aware of possible options:
- NTCET/VET information session
- NTCET/VET booklets
• Clients counselled on choices by:
- NTCET Coordinator
- Careers counsellor
• Clients undergo an interview process for all course,. Interview to be held with NTCET Coordinator and Careers Advisor.
· Clients informed of application result as soon as possible
· Clients’ complete VET enrolment form and are informed of reimbustment fees to be paid.
· Letter informing parents of student selection and acceptance sent home by week 3, term 1..
· Clients informed welfare and guidance support
· All VET students to undergo VET student induction programme
· Create client file. These are to be kept in secure filing cabinet in the VET office. All client activity relating to VET is to be kept on these files.
Prior to enrolment process
• Senior school handbook distributed to client at an information evening for clients and parents.
• Client seek assistance from careers counsellor and senior school ST1regarding suitable subjects including VET.
• Prior to, or following enrolment, clients shall have an opportunity to make verbal enquiries to the senior teacher at NHS regarding RPL for the course/units in which they are enrolled or intend to enrol.
• Client interviewed by appropriate Nhulunbuy High School staff.
All Nhulunbuy High School students enrolled in Vet courses/programs undergo the VET Induction program, on the day each student is given a VET induction pack which includes, VET student handbook, enrolment form, photo permission and code of conduct. Legislation information such as WHS duty of care, sexual harassment and workplace bullying. All students complete the VET student induction confirmation form which is kept in the students file in the VET office.
All Nhulunbuy High School students undertaking VET courses are encouraged to undertake work placement. With some vocational options work placement is a compulsory part of the course (Hospitality - Kitchen Operations, cookery units must be assessed in an industrial kitchen). As part of the induction program students are given all the forms required to undertake work placement.
Student Induction Programs should directly address the following:
Occupational health and safety and equal opportunity obligations
His/her responsibilities while in training at the school and in the workplace
Employer responsibilities
Workplace agreement form requirement
The training which will be provided or the skills which are to be demonstrated
Tasks which are to be assessed and how and when this will occur
Use of the student logbook
Competency based training
Flexible learning and assessment procedures.
Trainer responsibilities.
What to do in case of an accident
Grievance, complaints & appeals process
Re assessment on appeal
Disciplinary procedures
Information and discussion on sexual harassment and workplace bullying.
Fees and refund policy
RPL/RCC process.
Student support and career guidance
Staff responsibilities for access and equity.
Students informed on provision for language, literacy and numeracy support.
Student to sign off complete Induction Course Confirmation form and fill in an evaluation of the day.
It is the responsibility of the VET Coordinator with the assistance of the VET administration to ensure client induction is carried out in accordance with this policy.