RTO2378 Nhulunbuy High School

Administrative Management
Business Manager
12 February 2014
February 2015
VET Management Committee
· All correspondence sent out must be on the official Nhulunbuy High School VET letterhead and must be countersigned by the Principal or Assistant Principal.
· All correspondence sent out from the school must go through the School Secretary and a specific reference number is recorded and is entered on the specific ‘Work Register” prior to posting.
· Standard NHS School correspondence formats are located with the School Secretary and are available as ‘view’ only in ‘O’ drive Secretariat/Templates..
· Wherever possible the use of window-face envelopes for the despatch of letters – especially to parents – this gives an accurate address copy for file.
· All correspondence out is ‘logged’ by the front office administration staff prior to being despatched.
· Ensure copies of individual letters to parents/guardians are kept on the Student’s official File, VET individual file as well as any other relevant file for easy reference.
· Correspondence in is date stamped by the front office staff and placed for relevant action in the pigeon hole of responsible officer for actioning as appropriate.
· It is the responsibility of the VET Coordinator to ensure all correspondence in or out of the RTO meets with the organisational standards.
Each faculty is issued with an order book. Please note the top (white) page is the order sent to the supplier. It is the nominated teacher’s responsibility to ensure an order has been raised with sufficient information to enable the order to be processed.
These steps must be followed:
1. The nominated teacher completes the top (white) page of the purchase order form by recording the following instructions:
• The Supplier and address (note telephone & fax no)
• The faculty raising the order
• Details of cost of goods – including freight (or reasonable estimate)
• If price “as quoted” (name of contact and date of quote if possible)
• Dispatch details (eg TOLL Barge to Gove, Post, Airmail, Pick-up etc)
• A completed fax cover sheet if the order is to be faxed
2. The nominated teacher is required to sight the order and initial the 2nd page (yellow copy).
3. The Order book is then sent to the Front Office. The Manager of Administration then processes the order by issuing a number, checking and signing. The order books are kept in the Administration Managers’ office for convenient reference.
4. The top (white) page is posted to the supplier (or may be taken by a staff member). The middle (yellow) page is retained by the Front Office. The last (pink) copy is left in the book as a faculty record.
5. Goods on Approval – these are requested in the same way – clearly marked “ON APPROVAL”
6. Repair & Maintenance of Equipment – Details of equipment sent away for repair is also entered in the order book. This order is dispatched with equipment and a covering letter to the repair firm.
7. Repair & Maintenance of Computer Equipment – refer all computer queries in the first instance to the IT Technician.
Note: You CANNOT ORDER goods by phone/mail without raising an official order form. You can obtain a quote for goods and then confirm the order by phoning or faxing the order through to the supplier, quoting the order number and details. If you post the original order, clearly mark “confirmation of phone (or fax) order” and date.
A Purchase Order has no legal status unless signed by the Authorizing Officer.
School Purchase Orders ARE NOT to be issued for private purchases.