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“Nhulunbuy High School would like to acknowledge that we are on Aboriginal Land and recognise the Yolngu as the traditional owners of this area...”     Site Map 
Nhulunbuy High School


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 From the Principal's Desk

Welcome to Nhulunbuy High School.  Our campus is home to a Middle School (Years 7-9), a Senior School (Years 10-12) and a Registered Training Organisation.  Included within our school is a Special Education Centre which supports High Needs students from Years 7-12.
Having confidence in the school that your child attends is extremely important.  Making a choice when it comes to secondary education is often difficult and it is the aim of this prospectus to assist in your decision.  Nhulunbuy High School is a small secondary school where students in Years 7, 8 and 9 study both the Northern Territory Curriculum Framework (NTCF) and the Australian Curriculum, depending on the learning area. 
Students in Years 10 study the Australian Curriculum as a foundation year for senior secondary, Years 11 and 12 complete the Northern Territory Certificate of Education and Training (NTCET) over three or more years.  In Senior School the students are offered a wide range of courses delivered at the school or through access to correspondence.  Students can achieve tertiary entrance studies or Vocational Education and Training courses (VET) or a combination of both.  As a Registered Training Organization we can effectively deliver courses directed at skilling students for a place in the workforce where they can gain further qualifications.
What makes Nhulunbuy High School special?  As a small regional school catering specifically for the town of Nhulunbuy we are generally able to have smaller classes allowing for increased opportunity for individual attention. This is particularly true of the Senior School where smaller classes encourage a tutorial approach to studies.  Secondly, this school is very fortunate in having many experienced staff whose level of commitment to the school is second to none.  As many of them are longstanding community members they have a vested interest in the success of the local school and make significant contributions to the community in many and varied capacities.  The result is a school of some 250 students, which is active and productive.  The atmosphere is friendly and family orientated with respect being a key value....
Students of this school come from many and varied backgrounds as is typical of a community where the main industry is mining.  There is however a significant group who have been born and raised in this town.  The result is a mix of young people who are accepting of each other and have learned to welcome newcomers.  The students at Nhulunbuy High School are generally motivated and enthusiastic.  Academic success has been the hallmark of the school for several years and students are also very successful in a range of other activities such as sporting events, Tournament of Minds, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, student exchanges, traineeships and apprenticeships and so on.  The school strives to ensure students are recognized for their achievements and high self esteem and support for each other is actively fostered.  We look forward to the opportunity to provide a secondary education for your child.
SCHOOL VISION & MISSION : Empowerment through opportunity, partnership and achievement.
To engage students in a dynamic curriculum and safe learning environment with a 21st century focus.

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 Information update

  1. Tips for Teens Online
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The Internet offers an exciting world of educational experiences and just as in the real world there are also risks and challenges. Cybersafety is rapidly becoming a high priority for all school environments with the increasing levels of ICT use amongst students, teachers and the wider community.