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Preschool Program

At Nakara Preschool we engage the Principles, Practices and Learning Outcomes of the “National Early Years Learning Framework”. The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) focuses on creating a learning program that builds on children’s interests and abilities. It involves a process of identifying children’s interests, strengths and needs through observations, interactions and communication with families. This information is then used to design the learning environment and to choose appropriate teaching strategies.

The EYLF values active learning through play. Our classrooms are set up to encourage imaginative play, manipulative play and experimentation. Play is one of the most valuable learning experiences for young children. It is specifically through play that children are guided to develop new skills and understandings. At Nakara Preschool, children are allowed to make choices, to make mistakes and are given many opportunities to practice new skills and understandings. If you are interested in seeking more information on the EYLF you can visit “”. Information pamphlets are also available at Preschool.

An integral part of Preschool is for the children to develop confidence and competence in the use of their bodies. We provide opportunities for the development of gross motor skills in the playground and also through a weekly Sensory Motor Programme. This involves running, jumping, skipping, climbing, balancing, throwing and catching balls etc.

Children who turn 4 before June 30 are eligible to commence in our Preschool at the beginning of the school year. Children turning 4 after June 30 may commence Preschool on or after their 4th birthday, providing spaces are available.
The morning session is from 8:00 until 11:00 AM, Monday to Friday.
The afternoon session times are 12:00 to 3:00 PM, Monday to Friday.
We offer Universal Access (15 hours/week) for all children the year before they are eligible for Transition.

Progression To School
Currently, Nakara Primary has one intake into Transition which is at the beginning of the school year ie. January. Children eligible for this intake are those who are already 5 or who will turn 5 by June 30th.
Children turning 5 after June 30th will complete the year in Preschool and enter Transition the following year.

Parent Contributions
Preschool Parent contributions of $60.00 per term are accepted and greatly appreciated. These contributions allow us to continue adding and replacing educational equipment and materials to our Preschool and thus help to maintain a high quality Preschool Program. Voluntary contributions can be made at Preschool or at the front office.

Parent Involvement
As a parent you are most welcome to join your child at Preschool at any time. This gives you an opportunity to observe your child with his/her peers and discuss with the teacher your child’s progress. We also appreciate the extra pair of hands to assist with classroom and or snack time preparation.
Toddlers are most welcome to spend time in the preschool with their mothers. We ask that you ensure that the toddlers do not distract the children.

Notice Board
Our Noticeboard often displays current preschool news, as well as many requests for help including the weekly laundry roster.

Your Child's Requirements
-1 small case or bag
-1 bucket hat for outside play
-1 library bag
-A small, healthy snack every day

Footwear And Clothing
We prefer children to have some form of footwear, however during the session it is often necessary for footwear to be removed.
Preschool activities can be very messy and to ensure the children enjoy themselves, without concern for their clothes, please send them in suitable “working” clothes.
Preschool T-shirts in 100% cotton are available in blue, red and green for $15.00.

Nakara Preschool has a well stocked library. The children are encouraged to borrow books and may change them every second day. A requirement for borrowing books is to have a named library bag. Library bags are necessary and are available from preschool for $7.00 each or you can provide your own. If a book is lost or damaged beyond repair, then we ask that you either replace the book or pay the cost of its replacement.


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Nakara Primary School Staff

Pre-School Teacher-in-charge
Shontelle Heard


Pre-School Teacher
Kristen Chisholm

Pre-School Teacher
Cassie Styles

Pre-School Educator
Marisa Hargrave​

Pre-School Educator
Nur Keegan

Contact Details

Nakara Preschool

Buchanan Tce, Nakara NT

Ph: 8927 3884