B.E.S.T Values

continues to implement SWPBS throughout the school. SWPBS or School Wide Positive Behaviour Support is not a program, curriculum, intervention or practice. It is a decision making framework to guide the selection and implementation of the best evidence-based academic and behavioural practices for improving academic and behavior outcomes for all students. It is a research, evidence-based process that focuses on a whole school positive approach to support student learning in the playground and the classroom. As part of this process, Nakara School identifies, teaches and reflects on its 4 B.E.S.T Values.

-Being respectful

-Encouraging and fun

-Safe and caring

-Together as a team


Below are some materials and media that explain what constitutes B.E.S.T Values including a series of videos created in 2011

For a guide on what constitutes BEST behavior in areas of our school, click below.



 B.E.S.T Values



 BEST Behavior Common Area Matrix

Common Area Matrix.pdf