School History

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Nakara Primary School is situated in the suburb of Nakara, Darwin, Australia. Nakara is named after a coastal clan near Maningrida situated approximately 400 km east of Darwin.

Nakara Primary School was almost ready to open at the end of 1974 when Cyclone Tracy struck Darwin in the early hours of Christmas morning. The school was extensively damaged. However the buildings were repaired in 1975 and used by staff of the Department of Education's curriculum branch, who worked in less than conducive conditions. The Northern Territory Film Library was also housed here during that time.

The preschool opened in 1977 and in 1978 the primary school was officially opened with about 280 students enrolled. Student numbers at Nakara School increased significantly in 1991 when Tiwi Primary School ceased to operate. In 2015 Nakara School is a modern educational institution with 100% wireless connectivity and Interactive Whiteboards in every teaching area. There are 505 students enrolled from Pre-School to Year 6 and enrolments are increasing each year. Nakara has a diverse multicultural population with well over 30 nationalities represented in the school. The staff comprises of a Principal, 2 Assistant Principals, 20 classroom teachers, 6 Specialist Teachers and 15 support staff. The Hospital School, located at Royal Darwin Hospital, is also governed by Nakara School and caters for all school-aged children admitted to any ward in the hospital.