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Nakara Primary School has a well established music program available to its students.  All classes from Transition to Year 6 take part in weekly music lessons that aim to develop music awareness and enjoyment through engaging and challenging activities.  Learning music provides students with the opportunity to develop their cognitive, interpersonal and collaborative learning that can then in turn, support their academic and social development.

Musica Viva in Schools
Nakara is involved in the annual Australian Musica Viva in Schools program. Students learn to play, adapt and enjoy a range of pieces by a touring educational performance group.  The program challenges students to explore music of different cultures and styles, and concludes with an in-school performance by the touring group.
Recorder in Class
Year 2, 3 and 4 students undertake weekly lessons on the recorder as part of their music curriculum, which enables them to develop skills in reading and performing music.  Learning the recorder is a sound beginning for progressing into other instruments and can significantly benefit students across a range of learning areas.

Instrumental Lessons & Nakara School Band
Instrumental lessons are available to students in Years 5 and 6 on a range of musical instruments.  NT Music School tutors provide these lessons once a week during school time.  Students who have been learning an instrument are then invited to become a member of the Nakara School Band, which performs throughout the year.

School Choirs
Students in grades 3-6 are invited to take part in one of Nakara’s school choirs.  The choirs rehearse weekly, and Nakara has a great history of strong choir membership. The Senior Choir participates as part of the Combined Schools Choir for the Beat Festival held at the Darwin Entertainment Centre each September. The Junior Choir participates in the National Music Count Us In event, has performed on ABC Radio Darwin and forms the chorus of the Nakara school musical.

School Musical
In 2011, Nakara students performed their own musical based on a Circus theme. In 2013, we will undertake another musical performance tracking the history of music from ‘Rocks to Rap’.