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Lúrra Language and Culture Maintenance and Oracy Program
The role of the Lúrra Language and Culture Maintenance and Oracy Program is to provide engaging and educational language and cultural learning classes and activities, which serve to enrich the education of students. Our program focuses on knowledge, speaking, listening and building the confidence of our students and community. The program is supported by the Lúrra Language and Culture Committee which is comprised of school staff, community members and elders.
The Lúrra Language and Culture Maintenance and Oracy Program sets out to achieve the following outcomes;
·       Positively influence attendance and engagement of Maningrida College students.
·       Assess students’ development using the Indigenous Language and Cultural Framework.
·       Facilitate and maintain quality cultural activities (excursions, culture days and cultural events etc.) across all sectors (Crèche to Senior School) of the school.
·       Enable access for students to learn about their cultural heritage from community elders of the Maningrida region.
·       Support production and delivery of language and cultural resources for students and community members.
·       Provide cultural and language expertise to organisations and non-indigenous residents of Maningrida through cultural induction workshops.
Our program teaches the following languages with our dedicated team of language teachers:
·       Ndjebbana
·       Burarra
·       Djinang/Yolngu Matha
·       Kuninjku/Kune
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Strong knowledge, law and culture

The Lúrra is very important knowledge for all people. It is very old story that was spread from the creation sisters in the beginning. Lúrra has special skills and law for Aboriginal people, the knowledge is passed from old people to young people.

The story comes from the coastal area for the Ndjébbana and Kunbálang people. The Lúrra is represented from the Míddjarn dance which was handed to the Ndjébbana people to share from the Kunbálang tribe.

The Lúrra logo represents the skills and knowledge held in the storyline, this knowledge is for all fresh and saltwater people.

The three special canoes present our people travelling and learning together. This is a process of sharing which brings everyone together.

The special fish net is a tool used to collect the fish and it represents people working together for each other.

The two fish represents the Moieties, Mackerel being Djówanga and Trevally being Yírriddjanga.  These are all representative in Míddjarn song line and includes everybody.                                                                                                     

The mangrove on the right called Malém-mála, this is a poison fruit tree which has special knowledge for us to keep strong law and strong culture. It is another tool that is used in a special way to educate our people.

The mangrove on the left represents the mouth of the river and part of the Lúrra story. It is a dreaming totem for the Ndjébbana people.


Everyone, including balanda who come to our community should be learning our culture so we can work together both ways, with respect.​