As principal of Leanyer School I am proud to have dedicated high quality teachers on staff.

Leanyer offers the dedication to two full time assistant principals that respectively look after an area of the school. Ms Tania Kolomitsev leads the Early Childhood and Ms Louise Corrigan leads the Senior School.

The school has two Senior teachers who look after their respective areas. A senior teacher for the Early Childhood and one for the Senior years. These teachers are instrumental in mentoring and providing support for classroom teachers as well as feeding back to management relevant information provided by the classroom teacher.

Leanyer Primary School has a full compliment of teaching staff, all of whom meet the requirements and qualifications set down by the Northern Territory Department of Education.

The School offers Specialist programs in Visual/Art Media, Performing Arts, Physical Education, Indonesian and Special Education.

We are proud to have such high quality teachers as well as support staff in our school.

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