Supportive Learning Unit

Leanyer Primary School has a Supportive Learning Unit with a Special Education Teacher and a Special Education Support Officer.

We also have Special Education Support Assistants who support many identified students with special needs who are funded through Student Services. We are a caring and nurturing team of adults who support students with an identified disability in their learning needs. We have formal meetings with parents twice a year to discuss and work on their child's individual academic, social, emotional and well being needs as well as an open door policy anytime parents wish to discuss issues related to their child.

In addition to co-ordinating classroom support, we also run a number of other specific programs and groups within the school including;

  • Speech and language support programs

  • Occupational therapy support programs

  • Social skills programs

  • Age appropriate literacy programs

  • Reading support programs

Students are placed within these programs according to observed and documented behaviours, academic progress, and/or specialist recommendations; and programs are provided for students who demonstrate a consideable delay in age appropriate skills.

We also have a close liaison with the support services in the community including;

  • Children Development Team who assess children's speech, occupational and physio needs;

  • Student Services who assess children's cognitive ability, and provide programming and planning support for students with hearing, vision and behavioural needs;

  • private therapy services; and

  • public and private paediaticians.