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Physical Education

In 2009 Leanyer School PE program will reflect the vision and values of a fit and healthy community and instill pride and a sense of great achievements and self confidence.

The Program focuses on the basics of learning and the recognition that each child is an individual, while maintaining high expectations and achievements in life.

While the main aim is to keep children physically active, it is important to create healthy lifestyle choices.

Starting term one students were exposed to the basic but often complex skill building in locomotion and ball skills, where children learn how to move and mimic movements; these include running, jumping hopping, skipping, etc.

In term two a continuation of ball skills and games development, building on playing by the rules and how to use equipment correctly and safely. We also move into a more competitive zone, preparing our students for the athletics carnival.

Term three will involved a closer look at team sports and perhaps moving into a more formal look at sports, fitness and health, ending in term four with a look at performance game enhancement and body maintenance.

It is important that students have a full serve of health and PE, enabling them to make healthy lifestyle choices.