ICT makes a significant contribution to teaching and learning across the curriculum at Leanyer school delivering engaging, exciting and innovative learning experiences that empower all students in achieving better learning outcomes.

Leanyer School has classrooms equipped with modern networked computers and printing facilities. We also have mini labs with internet access and interactive whiteboards in each classroom.

The school also has a standalone Computer lab with modern computers and an interactive whiteboard as well as printing, scanning and recording facilities.

Classroom teachers are able to book this facility and take their class in for specific ICT activities.

The Leanyer Library is also well equipped with bank of modern computers where students can come and use the computers to research or finish work. Classroom teachers can also run ICT classes from the Library.

Students also have access to laptops, netbooks and iPads in order to learn to use ICT effectively and appropriately in allareas of learning at school.