Defence Kids - DSTA


What is a DSTA?

DSTA stands for Defence School Transition Aide.

What does a DSTA do?

A DSTA's role is to assist children of Australian Defence Force (ADF) families with the transition into and out of the school due to postings. This can include general information and familiarization with the school, advice on educational assistance and activities to help with friendship groups. Welcoming and farewelling activities are also organized for the children by the DSTA.

Why do we have DSTA's in schools?

Sometimes children have difficulties making new friends as well as understanding and adjusting to the routines of a new school.

The DSTA will assist the children and family become part of the school community more quickly.

The DSTA will answer basic questions about the school and link families to the helpful Defence Organisations. She can also direct you to Teachers and Senior Management to provide further assistance with educational concerns.

Some points to remember:

  • When an ADF family member is deployed please contact your DSTA, so that she is aware of the circumstances.

  • If your child experiences settling in difficulties please contact DSTA.

  • Upon enrolment please advise the DSTA if your child has any Special Needs or requires any special programs.

  • When postings occur advise the DSTA of the new location and leaving date, so that she may assist in collecting information about your child's anticipated new school.

  • The DSTA can provides information about Defence Education Assistance (DEA) program i.e.:- tutoring

Parent Involvement

Our school community strives to create an open, caring and supporting environment. Being active in the school community can enhance your child's education.

Ways to get involved in your child's school include:

  • Becoming a member of the School Council.

  • Accompanying class excursions.

  • Listening to children read in classrooms.

  • Assisting with other class related activities.

  • Helping organize fundraising activities.

  • Assisting with school events.

  • Sharing your skills and hobbies.

  • Volunteering at the school canteen.

  • Attending functions organized by the DSTA.