Cyclone Information

Every family needs a plan so that everyone knows what to do if schools are closed because a Cyclone Warning that has been announced.

Once an instruction has been given to close schools a designated person is to collect Preschool and Primary School aged children from the child's classroom. This person may be a parent, a friend or an older child.Each teacher will record who is collected and who made the collection.

After an hour or at the end of the school day (whichever is earlier) all students remaining in classes will proceed to the Library where Senior Staff will offer supervision. Students who normally go to Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) will remain in the library as the OSCH facility will not be in operation. Student lists will be sent to the Library with the children in the care of Senior Staff.

Other staff will be then free to leave to take care of their own families.

Any children remaining after 2 hours of the declaration of 'school closure' or 4:00 pm, whichever occurs first, will be taken to the nearest public shelter. For us this is Dripstone Middle School.