The Arts

The Visual Arts program at Leanyer School provides a wide range of activities for all students, from Transition to Year Six. Students have a one hour lesson in the Art room every week.
Students use a variety of art tools and materials to create original works of art. Using different techniques and processes they are given opportunities to express their ideas, observations, imaginations and feelings.
In the art room students not only create art but look at and discuss the art work of their peers and of famous artists. Students have opportunities to reflect on and self-evaluate their art works.
Students also learn how the elements and principles of art are used in different works of art. The elements of art are line, shape, colour, value, form, texture and space. The principles of art are balance, contrast, emphasis, pattern, unity, movement, and rhythm. Students are taught to use visual arts language to better understand and talk about art. The goal is for students to leave Leanyer School with an appreciation for art and an understanding that art is not only on a paper or on the wall but in the world all around us.  
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