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April 01
KSPS Swimming Carnival 2015

​The 2015 KSPS Swimming Carnival Will be held on Thursday the Second of April.

Listed below is details of the event.

The School Council Fundraising 
Committee will have the schools new slushy machine at the swimming carnival to raise funds for KSPS. Slushies will be available in the colours red, white and blue, and will cost $4 each




Events 1, 3 and 5 are 15 metre races to allow the younger grade three students a chance to participate. However, if a child from the higher grades chooses to race in this event, they are then excluded from also racing in the 50m events. Points will be awarded for participation. NO age champions for these races, only for 50 metre events.




9.00am  Event 1  2003 to 2007 boys & girls 15m Freestyle.



9.40am  Event 2  2003 to 2007 boys & girls 50m Freestyle.



10.10am  RECESS – students allowed to socialise with other students– buy from canteen which will be set up at the BBQ area of the pool. The pool kiosk will NOT be open due to our healthy eating policy.


10.30am  House chants competition


10.40am Event 3  2003 to 2007 boys & girls 15m Backstroke



11.10am Event 4  2003 to 2007 boys & girls 50m Backstroke


11.40am Event 5  2003 to 2007 boys & girls 15 Breaststroke


12:10pm Event 6 2003 to 2007 boys & girls 50 Breaststroke


12.45pm Event 7- 50m freestyle relays

One Year 3/4 relay

One Year 5/6 relay


1.00pm back to houses for LUNCH

House captains to collect lunch boxes from the BBQ area – teachers please supervise and hand out lunches to ensure all children receive the correct lunch. ! Any students wishing to buy additional food can do so at the BBQ area with their supervising teacher’s permission.

Children are to remain in their house areas. NO students are to be in the pool or on the playground area.


1.20pm   Students clean up and ensure they have all their belongings.  All children must wear shoes to travel on the bus back to school.

1.30pm   Both middle and upper primary return to school – quiet activities in class - Age Champions to be announced at a future assembly.​

May 30
This afternoon there will  a rehearsal for the main cast, dancers and choir ONLY. These are students that are in Year 4/5 Tomlinson, 5/6 Bryant, 5/6 Chauhan and 5/6 Short and ONLY if they are a main character, dancer or in the choir. These students will be proivided with afternoon tea and need to be picked up at 5pm. Any questions please contact the school on 89721277


May 29

Just a reminder that there will be an afterschool rehearsal for the cast of KREASE this Friday from 3:00 – 5:00pm. Students can stay at school after the bell but will need to be picked up by 5:00pm. Afternoon tea will be supplied. Any questions please contact the school on 89721277.

May 22
Walk To School

KSPS are participating in the National Walk to School Day this Friday the 23rd of May. Students are encouraged to participate and will need to meet at Ryan Park at 7:30am Friday if they wish to participate in the walk. All students who participate will receive 3 spirit points for their house team, a sticker and a Milo from the canteen. Look forward to walking with you!

June 19
2012 KSPS Swimming Carnival


 Our annual swimming carnival was held on Friday 20th April. The carnival was very successful as students had a great time competing in races and also having fun in the novelty activities. Activate classes held their activities at school, while students from year 2-6 classes participated at the Town Pool.



It was also great to see so many parents and carers turn up and support their children. Thankyou to all staff and especially Mrs Lane for coordinating the carnival.    

     Overall house winner was



 Buchanan was 2nd with 953 points

Stuart was 3rd with 891 points



               with 1068 POINTS






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