KSPS uses whole school Curriculum Maps which ensures consistent teaching and assessing of the Australian Curriculum from Transition to Year 6. These plans also enable us to integrate Maths with other subjects such as English and HASS which helps the students to make connections across the subject areas.
Literacy and Numeracy week is celebrated every year across the school through a variety of activities throughout. There are daily maths challenges and the older students develop their leadership skills by running activities with younger students involving hands-on and digital experiences in literacy and numeracy.
At KSPS we believe that teaching of Mathematics is best achieved through consistent, explicit teaching and providing opportunities for students to discuss strategies they use and how to solve problems. 
We have adopted the EnVision Maths Resource as a preferred approach to teaching mathematics.  This program has been developed to address the content descriptors in the Australian Curriculum.  The program provides a variety of resources both print and digital to engage students and assist them to show success in the Achievement Standards of the Australian Curriculum. 
EnVision Math is a core curriculum for students in Transition through Year 6. The program seeks to help students develop an understanding of math concepts through problem-based instruction, small-group interaction, and visual learning with a focus on reasoning and modelling.