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Katherine South Preschool is located at Katherine South Primary School on Riverbank Drive. There is one main building with a large playground out the back.  
The Preschool has structured the day to day learning around the Play Based Curriculum and the Strong Beginings Document  with both being linked to the Northern Territory Curriculum Frameworks Document (N.T Curriculum Frameworks).
Parental involvement is very important as their values, beliefs and expectations are a main priority in their child’s education.
A Play based curriculum is used so the children can explore the real world in a non threatening fun and exciting way.  Play is a natural means to exploring the real world around them.  It allows the chid to freely explore their environment while obtaining a personal opinion rather than a ‘Learnt opinion’. Play needs to be explored, developed and rehearsed through not only practical experiences but also concrete experiences.  Through play they are creating, constructing, discovering, sharing, role playing, problem solving and exploring meaning. (Dept Education 1992)
The children visit the main school regularly to meet and work with the transition children, go to the library or play on the playground.  This helps with the transition between the Preschool and main school, the children are a lot more confident when the time comes for them to start the next stage of their journey away from the safety of the Preschool.
SESSION TIMES Morning group (8.30 am – 11.30am – Monday to Friday) and the Afternoon Group (12.30pm to 3pm- Monday to Thursday)
EARLY ENTRY – We accept children beginning of Term 1 as long as they are four by 30th June that year.  We also accept children in Term 3 as long as they are four by 30th September that year and there are available positions.  Any child starting after the 30th June will be required to complete 18 months of Preschool.
PARENT COMMITTEE - Meets every third Wednesday of each month.
HEALTHY EATING POLICY - Children are encouraged to bring a piece of fruit or snack for their recess every day.
Morning Group - $50 per term
Afternoon Group - $40 per term
We have a swimming program running in terms 1 and 4 at the Preschool Pool and in terms 2 and 3.  We have a music teacher come every Wednesday and this wonderful service is $2.00 a week or $20/term. 

Our Door is always open and help is always encouraged and appreciated.

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