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Katherine South Primary has a range of ICT and Digital Technology equipment on offer to assist our students in their learning.
21st Century technology demands that students are more than just ICT capable (can turn on a computer, use Google or MS Word, etc.), they need to understand Digital Technologies. KSPS utilizes numerous methods to introduce students to the concepts of Digital Technologies. These range from its robotic devices to introduce the concepts in T-2 via BEEBOTs, continuing through to using and coding the Spheros and in Scratch in 3-6. We are investigating the use of Minecraft as a learning tool in the 3-4 classes. Once we have demonstrated how this “game” can be utilized across subjects areas we intend to introduce it more widely in our planning next year.   
Students are encouraged to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) as part of the KSPS Digital Citizenship program. This program encourages the use of technology in the classroom this enables students to both a) use a device they know, and b) work on projects at home if they wish to.
All classrooms are fitted with interactive white boards which allow students to use nothing more than their finger to navigate sites and engage in interactive learning activities. Teachers can create and save whiteboard lessons which would normally be lost at the end of the lesson, and store them for later use. Currently there are around 12-24 networked computers in each unit which are shared between classes. In addition to this, each class has a set of 6 iPads that can be used for small group rotations as they have access to the internet and school network through our wireless access points throughout the school.
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