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School Wide Positive Behaviour Support
Essential to effective learning is a safe, supportive and disciplined environment where people respect:
·         the rights of all people to be treated with respect and dignity
·         the rights of all students to learn
·         the rights of teachers to teach
·         the rights of all to be safe
At Katherine South Primary School our vision is:  We Are A Learning Community
We have four values that are our behaviour agreements (commonly referred to as the CARE agreements):
·         Community
·         Achievement
·         Respect
·         Engagement
The school expects a high standard of behaviour at all times.  Agreements define what we want students TO DO and provide a consistent guideline for how to meet the standards of our expectations. We explicitly teach our expectations to students and encourage and acknowledge them frequently for displaying the expected behaviour.
The behaviour matrix below is a foundational document for the School Wide Positive Behaviour approach (SWPBS) at KSPS.  The matrix outlines the expectations and specific behaviour that will be the basis of the KSPS behaviour curriculum.
The matrix reflects the language and culture of our school. It is the language all staff use when they teach students the expectations. Additionally it is the language used when they remind students, when they recognise students and when they correct students.
Expected behaviour is fostered through positive peer and teacher feedback and acknowledgment through verbal praise, stickers, C.A.R.E. tokens, merit certificates, green cards, house/spirit points and attendance awards.

Bullying may be physical, verbal or emotional in nature.  It is victimisation and can be defined as intentional, repeated hurtful acts or words by one person or more against another.  At our school we do not tolerate bullying behaviour and have the following whole school approach to bullying:
    • Actively promote that bullying is not acceptable
    • Be observant of signs of distress or suspect incidents of bullying
    • Listen empathetically to students who need support when they have been bullied
    • Remove opportunities for bullying by active supervision
    • Take immediate action when bullying is observed or reported. All teachers and school staff    must let children know that they care and will not allow anyone to be mistreated
    • Listen receptively to parents who report bullying and investigate reported circumstances so  that immediate and appropriate school action can be taken
    • Keep parents informed