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The Arts
The Arts learning area consists of visual art, dance, drama, music and media arts. Each of these areas are focused on throughout the school year in classes with a specialist teacher.
By the end of Year 6 students have taken part in:
Visual Arts
-          Creating visual artworks such as paintings, drawings, sculpture and a variety of other art forms
-          Reflecting on their own art pieces and those of others
-          Exploring different art techniques and the effectiveness of their use
-          Using a variety of art practices to share a personal view
-          Developing their own technical dance skills through whole class dances and exploring a variety of dance types
-          Choreographing their own dance sequences in small groups with the purpose of telling a story to the audience
-          Learning how each movement we make independently or with a group can share a meaning with the audience
-          Taking on the role of a character and sharing how this character thinks and feels to an audience by using specific facial expressions, voice adjustments, movements and space
-          Improvising and performing scripting plays
-          Reflecting on the drama of others to develop understanding of how characters are developed and interact with each other in a space
-          Using a variety of instruments to improvise and compose musical artworks to communicate meaning
-          Singing and playing instruments in time with the beat, rhythm and pitch
-          Listening to music from around the world and using this to inspire their own artworks
Media Arts
-          Creating media artworks such as advertisements and magazine covers to share a story, idea or personal view point
-          Using images, sound and text to make and present artworks
-          Using technology to create media artworks for a specific purpose and audience
Their development as artists will also assist them in all other areas of the curriculum by encouraging Creativity, Critical thinking, Imagination, Collaboration, Problem solving, Risk-taking and Self-direction.