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Katherine School of the Air is located in the town of Katherine in the "Top End" of the Northern Territory of Australia, approximately 300 kilometres south east of the city of Darwin.
The school is surrounded by lush gardens and is situated on Giles Street (the road to Katherine Gorge) and is approximately three kilometres from the town's centre.
Geographically Katherine School of the Air covers a huge area (approx. 800 000 square km.). To gain some concept of the area the school covers, this is more than three times the size of the United Kingdom or New Zealand, more than twice the size of Japan or 40 times the size of Switzerland. It extends from the islands off the north coast to the 18 degrees South parallel. East to West, it extends to the borders of Queensland and Western Australia. The school also accepts, where appropriate, students' interstate in Western Australia and Queensland under the 'Cross Border Enrolment Agreement'. In addition to this the school caters for NT residents travelling overseas and within Australia. Currently the school works with families as far away as Mexico and as close as Indonesia. Families cover the full socio-economic range with KSA catering for cultural diversity. Katherine School of the Air is also a registered educational provider to overseas fee paying students.
Most of the school's patrols, School Camp and In School are scheduled for the dry season when travel is easiest. Swim School is conducted at the onset of the wet season's in conjunction with the end of year Christmas Concert.