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Katherine High School

Trust Honesty Respect


Bell Times 2017 Term​ Dates Links​
​8:10 - 8:20 Home Group
​8:20 - 9:25 Lesson 1​
​9:25 - 10:30 Lesson ​2
​10:30- 10:55 Recess
​10:55 -12:00 Lesson 3
​12:00 - 13:05 ​Lesson 4
​13:05 - 13:35 Lunch
​13:35 - 14:40 ​​Lesson 5










Term 1

Monday 30 January - Friday 7 April (Students resume Tuesday 31st January)​

Term 2

​Monday 17 April - Friday 23 June

Term 3

​Monday 24 July - Friday 29 September ()

Term 4

​Monday 19 October - Friday 15 December




Who Is Who? ​ General Information Information for Parents

Home Group Teacher:

  • Distributes information
  • Provides pastoral care
  • Monitors appropriate clothing and footwear
  • Records student attendance

Year Level Coordinator:

  • Follows up on extended absences
  • Maintains records and provides rewards for positive behaviour
  • Supports students through goal and target setting
  • Will communicate with parents regarding dress, academic progress or wellbeing concerns
  • Refers students to the Assistant Principal for inappropriate dress or foot wear

Health Promoting School Nurse:

  • Organises vaccinations and health screenings
  • Provides health advice to students and staff
  • Works with teachers to provide health education

Home Liaison Officer:

  • Initiates and maintains communication links between school, families and communities
  • Advises families on the availability of support services
  • works as part of the School well being team
  • Follows up extended absenteeism
  • Conducts home visits

Aboriginal and Islander Education  Worker:

  • Works with Indigenous students and families to support students' achievement and wellbeing at School
  • Works with teaching staff to support student achievement and wellbeing at School
  • Works as part of the  of the School well being team

Defence Students Transition Mentor

  • point of contact for defence families and to liaise between parents, teachers and School

School Counsellor

  • Implements early intervention and prevention programs through individual and whole class forums
  • students can make appointments to see counsellor

Senior Teacher:

  • Responsible for curriculum mapping and teaching program rigour 
  • Oversees and manages assessment and reporting by the Faculty
  • Follows up with classroom behaviour management issues in their Faculty


Dress Standard

All students at Katherine High School are expected to wear the School uniform which must be worn at all times except on specially nominated free dress days.

For more information please read our uniform policy.

Bus Travel

  • Students are entitled to use the School bus system free of charge
  • Students are only able to access buses for movement between home and school; school buses are not a public transport service
  • Students travelling to and from school on buses must obey the bus driver's instruction at all times. Students who misbehave on the buses may be suspended from travelling on the bus at the bus company's discretion

Students' Vehicles

Students may drive cars/ride motor bikes to the School in the morning and from School in the afternoon. Any other use of vehicles, including use at lunchtime, is not allowed without written permission from both:

  1. A parent of the driver and
  2. A parent of any intended passenger

Without exception, students should park cars in the car park beside the gymnasium. The School accepts no responsibility for any damage that may occur to student vehicles whilst parked on School grounds.

2015 PT information.pdf
NTCET Parent Information Evening Presentation.pdf
Sources of Career Information.pdf
Stage 1 Subject Descriptions.pdf
Uniform Policy.pdf