Early Years Learning Programmes ​
In 2014, children who turn 5 years of age before 30th June can begin Transition at the start of the school year. Usually children have developed a good foundation in preschool and enter Transition with a strong knowledge of school routines, people and expectations. Some children may need to spend longer in preschool to ensure that their school journey is comfortable and they are confident about learning.
To enrol in Transition, parents need to fill in enrolment forms available at the main office of the school and supply a copy of:
  • The child’s original birth certificate or immigration papers
  • Record of up-to-date immunisation from health clinic or doctor
  • A contact phone number for a parent or guardian is to be included when enrolling your child
The education of each individual is a mutual responsibility shared by the student, home, school, community, and society. Clyde Fenton Primary School is committed to fulfilling its share of responsibility by providing appropriate learning opportunities which will encourage all students to grow intellectually, socially, physically, and emotionally toward full development of their potential.


CFS Mission Statement for Transition:

“To provide a quality play based program in the first two years of school at CFS using the guiding principles of the Walker Learning Approach”

Guiding Principles:
The first two hours of each day will be devoted to an engaging, enriching and purposeful session of investigative play.
This play will then form the foundation for the explicit teaching undertaken by the teacher throughout the rest of the day and in the coming weeks.

Click the link above to access the handbook for 2016
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