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Visible Learning

Visible Learning is a name given to a set of evidence based effective teaching and learning approaches and strategies. Bradshaw has been introducing these strategies over the last three years and has seen substantial change in learning processes over that time. At its heart, Visible Learning has two foci: 
  • Students see themselves as their own teacher: Students understand specifically where they are and what is next in the learning progression so that they are able to set and work towards goals, self-regulate their learning strategies and self-assess their achievement. This is key to creating lifelong learners.
  • Teachers see learning through the eyes of ​the student: Teachers understand the learning from the perspective of the student and have many ways of determining the impact that they are having on each child, which enables them to continually reflect to improve their practices.
Visible Learning places an overwhelming focus on learning. An easy way that parents can support this is by asking their child at the end of the day ‘What have you learnt today?’ rather than ‘What did you do today?’

Visible Learning underpins all that we do at Bradshaw.

Bradshaw Learner Characteristics

We have identified characteristics that Bradshaw learners do that make them effective as a part of our Visible Learning approach.

We challenge ourselves.

This quality talks about how effective learners have high expectations of themselves and work hard to achieve those expectations. It includes the qualities of motivation, perseverance and resilience.
Challenge includes the importance of making mistakes and learning from your mistakes. We know that getting answers wrong is a crucial part of the learning process. Effective learners take risks in their learning and embrace errors because this is how learning occurs.
This characteristic also talks about how we think about learning. At Bradshaw, there are not things that you don't know; there are only things that you don't know YET. This is referred to as a 'growth mindset'.
Common mantras at Bradshaw that fit under the challenge characteristic are:
  • My brain is a muscle
  • The harder I work, the smarter I'll get
  • Never give up

We take control of our learning.

Effective learners take control of their learning by understanding where they are at and where they are going in the learning progression. They understand why they are learning and can explain their thinking and their learning.
They can set goals, choose from and implement strategies to help them achieve their goals and then self-reflect and evaluate to determine whether they have achieved those goals and what they need to do next.
They seek and act on feedback and feed-forward from educators and peers.

We learn together.

Learning is a social process. Effective learners at Bradshaw seek and give feedback from their peers and teachers. They can take a variety of roles in a group and take responsibility for the group's learning.
Bradshaw learners have a number of different ways of resolving differences or disagreements. They take responsibility for ensuring everyone feels safe and happy and they take pride in the achievements of their peers.​

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