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Mango Flowers - Mango flowers on a tree in the Borrolloola Primary School Yard
Borroloola and Gulf Group Schools consist of 3 remote school campuses in the Gulf of Carpentaria area and is part of the Barkly Region in the Northern Territory.

The schools are managed by the Gulf Group School Principal with the Assistant Principal and at a local level by the Teaching Principals at Robinson River and Kiana.

The schools cater mainly for Indigenous, 'English as Second Language' learners (currently 97%) – although there are usually a few non indigenous students enrolled for varying periods of time.

Assistant teachers are Indigenous and provide cross-cultural classroom support to non-Indigenous staff.

The Borroloola School campus usually has about 16 full time teachers whereas Kiana is a single 1 teacher school and Robinson River has 5 teachers.

Gulf Group School provides education to students from preschool to Senior Secondary. Borroloola School, Robinson River School and Kiana have an extensive attendance plan that focuses on the active engagement of students.

Although Snappy the crocodile looks fierce, he is a big softy who helps students find their way around in the library.

He helps the children put the books back in the correct location and helps them be on their best behaviour in the library so everyone can enjoy reading and being read to.



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Contact Details
The Borroloola and  Gulf Group School office is located at Borroloola School

321 Robinson Road
NT 0854

Phone: 08 8975 8780
Fax: 08 8975 8819

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